Welcome to GoldenGate Bioscience

Since its incorporation in 1984, GoldenGate Bioscience’s parent company has been developing and manufacturing precision, injection-molded, consumable lab products for the global bio-tech research community.

Over the years, the company has developed many product innovations that were the first in this industry, and are now considered to be industry standards.  In support of its philosophy of manufacturing lab products that are “Better by Design”, GoldenGate Bioscience distinguishes itself by incorporating practices and procedures guaranteed to deliver only the highest quality products on a consistent basis.  Always creative, the company follows a continuous improvement policy which ensures that it will meet the demanding standards, as well as the ever-changing needs, of life-science professionals.

Quality may be assured using a number of criteria. Of course, the final product must meet the function and standards requirements for which it was designed. This is achieved by implementing the most stringent mold-building, manufacturing, and packaging procedures. Company philosophy dictates that quality is best defined through the delivery of these products on a timely and affordable basis, to customers around the world, and that these standards must be met on a consistent basis. As one of the few remaining companies in this industry still manufacturing its products in California, GoldenGate Bioscience uses only USP Class 6, FDA-approved medical-grade, bovine-free plastic resins, running in the highest quality stainless-steel molds, in medically-clean facilities. By doing so, the company remains in complete control of its manufacturing procedures and its product quality. Since the beginning, all molds have been diamond-polished to a glass-like finish, resulting in precision-made consumable products, and ensuring their optimum performance as demanded by the life-science research community.

GoldenGate Bioscience is compliant with manufacturing, packaging, and operational quality standards as outlined in ISO9001:2008.  With certification imminent, the company’s record-keeping practices ensure full traceability of all materials and personnel employed in the making of every product it manufactures.  Certificates of Conformity, on a lot-by-lot basis, are available on request.

GoldenGate Bioscience’s products have been used at the leading-edge of scientific research applications for the past 30 years.  During that time, many of the company’s innovations have greatly simplified procedures and enhanced productivity in life-science laboratories around the world.